iPhone XS Max 512 GB Silver refurbished

iPhone XS Max 512 GB Silver

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included!
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Make room for big screens and big storage capacity with this iPhone XS Max!

The iPhone XS Max can count on a new generation of processor: Place to The Apple A12! This is an ARM processor that has 6 cores. He will perfectly fulfill his role, and will perform all the tasks you ask him quickly and fluently.

With the iPhone XS Max, awaken your creative senses! The latter will allow you to make brilliant shots, thanks to the two sensors located on the back of the iPhone.

This duo is actually composed of a main lens of 12 megapixels, supported by a 2x telephoto lens, which will allow you to make photos with quality zooms.

The front camera, meanwhile, has a resolution of 7 megapixels and now has a new portrait mode: You can now make your selfies with a nice background blur and "professional" quality.

The iPhone XS Max has resistance to water and dust. Indeed, it inaugurates the IP68 certification. The iPhone XS Max is thus immune to certain everyday accidents.

In addition, you can count on its capacity of 512 GB, which will allow you to keep a large amount of photos and videos, as well as all your favorite applications.

The choice for Apple to use the glass on the back is not trivial ... In fact, they used this material to incorporate a technology of induction charging, and so, to be able to freely circulate the current thanks to the glass. This technology requires a Qi certified charging station.

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Data sheet
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