iPhone XS Max 512 GB Gold refurbished

iPhone XS Max 512 GB Gold

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Polyvalent, Powerful, discover the iPhone XS Max 512 GB Gold which is proposed at moderate price!

Let us present you the technical characteristics of this iPhone XS Max !

The iPhone XS Max progress in the same line of his last predecessor, the iPhone X.

He integrates the latest processor developed by the Californian firm: the chip A12 Bionic. It is a powerful hexacoeur processor pair with the Neural Engine; a second chip dedicate to the artificial intelligence.

His resistance to the water, and the dust has improve : now, the certification of sealing change to IP68. The iPhone XS Max becomes more resistant to the small hazards of everyday life.

Photographic point of view, the iPhone XS Max can expect on his excellent pair of two sensors of 12 megapixels : when one is standard wide-angle type, the second, it will be telephoto type.

As with the iPhone X, you still get a portrait mode, which will allow you to isolate the face of a person, with a background blur on the sides. However, on this new generation of iPhone, you can now adjust and adjust the background blur after the photo has been taken.

As for the front camera, it has a resolution of 7 megapixels and now enjoys a new mode "Portrait". This mode will allow you to make selfies with a background blur of "software" type.

With a 512 GB memory, this iPhone will keep an impressive quantity of pictures,  musics, and holiday videos, for example, but also your favorite applications.

The iPhone XS Max retains compatibility with wireless charging, which has become so convenient and indispensable for many of us.

One word to remember: UpYourPhone!

Our particularity is to have made the choice to only offer you mobiles that have remained in a state 100% authentic and original. This choice was made to better satisfy you, because when you buy a refurbished mobile, you invest your money in a device whose reliability is very uncertain.

In addition, each mobile sold on our platform is guaranteed 1 year.

With UpYourPhone, you can be sure to make a smart purchase.

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Data sheet
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