iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB Silver refurbished

iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB Silver

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger *
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included! *
  • A+ : perfect state, like new, without any scratches. *
  • A : almost new, has micro superficial scratches *
  • B : good condition, presents light to medium claws on the mobile *
  • C+ : medium condition, has medium to large stripes *
  • C : presence of dings on the bezel, various scratches *

* Out of stock, but coming soon !


The iPhone 7 Plus allows you to live a new iPhone experience with its latest news.

A revolution in mobile telephony! Apple integrates the dual photo sensor on an iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus! With a resolution of 12 megapixels, taking a great picture. The camera lens allows you to make photos for the first time on an iPhone using a real 2x optical zoom.

The FaceTime HD sensor is also evolving, with a resolution of 7 megapixels. Your selfies will never have been so clear and clear.

Another new feature on the iPhone 7 Plus: the integration of two stereo speakers, giving you a total immersion in sound when you watch your favorite movies and series.

It has the brightest and brightest iPhone screen, with a real size of 5.5 inches!

It resists splashing and water. IP67 certified, the iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone to protect itself from small accidents of everyday life.

His power is obviously at the height of his look.

Did you expect the iPhone 7 Plus Silver? Here it is !

Let yourself be seduced by our quality offer: Buy your iPhone 7 Plus here, and at the best prices.

What really sets us apart from most of our competitors is that our iPhone is 100% original and has not been reconditioned. This translates into a much better reliability in time, and this ensures that the iPhone has not been refurbished with non-original components.

Our choice was motivated by the fact that the refurbished mobiles with generic parts have in the vast majority of cases reliability more than doubtful over time.

Our iPhone therefore have their original parts and have not been refurbished.

Our smartphones are also certified quality and consistent thanks to the 27 tests carried out by our team of technicians.
With this set of tests, we are also happy to support every mobile in our range with a one-year warranty!

What do you expect?

Now is the time to choose UpYourPhone for the purchase of your next mobile!

Data sheet

Data sheet
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