iPhone 8 64 GB Red refurbished

iPhone 8 64 GB Red

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger *
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included! *
  • A+ : perfect state, like new, without any scratches. *
  • A : almost new, has micro superficial scratches *
  • B : good condition, presents light to medium claws on the mobile *
  • C+ : medium condition, has medium to large stripes *
  • C : presence of dings on the bezel, various scratches *

* Out of stock, but coming soon !


A new design, a bright red color, the iPhone 8 64 Go Red will not go unnoticed! Discover this ruby ​​red declination that will undoubtedly turn your head!

The iPhone 8, like the iPhone 8 Plus, inaugurates the latest chip, the Apple A11 Bionic (Designed by Apple, product by TSMC). This new processor inaugurates 6 physical cores: Two cores are dedicated to the high performance computations, as well as four hearts of the low consumption type. This chip will provide the power needed for all your apps, and work perfectly with the latest augmented reality games.

The iPhone 8 has now waterproofness, water and dust resistant. Indeed, this iPhone is immune to most small accidents of everyday life.

The 12 megapixel camera has been reworked and explores intense colors, a redesigned brightness, you will make photos of incredible quality. This is a f / 1.8 aperture lens, which is equipped with optical stabilization.

Since it does not require any charging cable, the iPhone 8 truly embodies a wireless future. Indeed, the iPhone 8, and his big brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, inaugurate for the first time on an iPhone, induction charging. Using the proper charger with Qi standard, you can easily charge your iPhone, simply by placing it on this charger.

Let yourself be seduced by our iPhone 8 RED Edition!

With the UpYourPhone offer, you can get this iPhone 8 at moderate prices!

Indeed, the UpYourPhone offer is to offer you second-hand iPhone being at the end of the company leasing. These iPhone have the big advantage of not having been refurbished, like a car downgraded and repaired ... .. Our iPhone is 100% original, quality and reliable over time.

Thanks to the tests carried out by our technicians, we are proud to offer you a certified one year warranty! Our technicians perform nearly 27 tests on each phone to ensure quality and offer only the best!

Choose UpYourPhone, it’s choose to save money while preserving the environment!

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Data sheet
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