iPhone 8 256 GB Red refurbished

iPhone 8 256 GB Red

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger *
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included! *
  • A+ : perfect state, like new, without any scratches. *
  • A : almost new, has micro superficial scratches *
  • B : good condition, presents light to medium claws on the mobile *
  • C+ : medium condition, has medium to large stripes *
  • C : presence of dings on the bezel, various scratches *

* Out of stock, but coming soon !


A new design, a bright red color, the iPhone 8 256 GB Red will not go unnoticed!

The iPhone 8 has a brand new version of its flagship processor: the A11 Bionic. The latter can count on six dedicated hearts: two cores are used for high-performance type calculations, and the other four cores are, on the other hand, of low consumption type.

In addition, this processor will provide the iPhone 8 with the power needed for the most extraordinary apps and augmented reality games.

Since it does not require any charging cable, the iPhone 8 truly embodies a wireless future. Indeed, the iPhone 8 is now equipped with a wireless charging system.

This iPhone 8 RED has a large storage capacity. Indeed, thanks to its 256 GB memory, you can keep countless photos, videos, music, and be able to download all the applications you need.

The main camera, with a resolution of 12 megapixels, has been reworked and explores more intense colors, a redesigned brightness. Of a disconcerting facility, you will be able to make photos of an incredible quality.

The iPhone 8 inaugurates, for the first time on an iPhone, the IP67 certification, allowing it an increased resistance to water and dust. Thus, this iPhone 8 will be partially immune to small accidents of everyday life.

Let yourself be tempted by this splendid iPhone 8 RED Edition!

By buying your next iPhone 8 RED at UpYourPhone, you can be sure to make the smartest purchase.

Indeed, the mobiles that we offer for sale, are iPhone second-hand end of leasing. They are of course offered at attractive rates, while retaining the qualities of a new iPhone, because our iPhone is not refurbished / reconditioned using generic components.

In addition, thanks to the tests carried out by our technicians, we are able to offer you a certified one year warranty! You should know that our technicians perform a panel of 27 tests on each phone previously put on sale, to ensure maximum quality and you only offer an iPhone strictly meeting our criteria for sale.

Choosing the UpYourPhone offer means choosing to save money while preserving the environment!

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Data sheet
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