iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB Red refurbished

iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB Red

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included!
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In limited edition, discover the perfect marriage between red and black, with the combinaison of glass and aluminium.

Discover together the fourth phablet of the Apple's brand.

For this new iPhone generation, Apple a mis les petits plats dans les grands.

Let's start with his camera. It's interesting to know that the iPhone is simply the camera the most popular in the world! The dual dorsal camera has a resolution of almost 12 megapixels, allowing the owner to achieve sumptuous shots. Indeed, the iPhone 8 Plus can expect on a powerful set consisting of 2 sensor on its back side: one being of traditional wide-angle type, while the second being of camera type. These sensors, working together, will allow you to achieve beautiful bokeh (background blur), for example by using the capabilities of portrait mode. Then, it is also interesting to know that the telephoto lens will allow you to zoom in 2X without loss of quality (it is a real analog zoom).

A nice feature has been introduced with the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus: this is the wireless charging. Equipped with a wireless charger with Qi standard, you can now simply charge your iPhone 8 Plus, and this .... Wireless !

Who says new generation of iPhone also says new generation of processor. The Apple A10 Fusion gives way to the Apple A11 Bionic. With significant gains in terms of performance: Count 25% additional performance at the two high performance type hearts, and 70% gains on the other four hearts remaining low consumption type.

The iPhone 8 Plus offers increased resistance to splashing, water and dust. It has the IP67 certification, which allows it to better withstand small daily accidents.

Let yourself be tempted by this iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB in its limited edition RED, and discover now the benefits of ordering the iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB Red at UpYourPhone!

By buying your next iPhone 8 Plus at UpYourPhone, you can have the assurance of investing in a mobile that is 100% original and reliable over time.

Indeed, our big advantage is to offer only second-hand mobiles that have not been refurbished using generic materials. Our iPhone 8 Plus are therefore 100% original, reliable, and come with a one-year warranty.

By buying a second-hand mobile, you're not only saving money, but you're also doing something to save the planet.

You have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you!

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Data sheet
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