iPhone SE 64 GB Gold refurbished

iPhone SE 64 GB Gold

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  • The economic & ecological pack, mobile sold without cable or charger
  • The premium pack: in addition to mobile, a cable & a new quality charger is included!
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Let yourself be tempted by the UpYourPhone’s offer, change your mobile, discover the iPhone SE Gold at a low price with UpYourPhone. Leader in non-refurbished second-hand smartphone, discover the iPhone SE Gold by UpYourPhone.

A certified non-refurbished quality smartphone, having received nearly 27 checkpoints by our technicians before being put on sale.

When economy can rhyme with quality, choose UpYourPhone!

The iPhone SE has no need to compromise!
Apple has released a smartphone that combines performance and compactness.

It is equipped with a 4-inch Retina display, with such a resolution that you will not see the pixels, bright and faithful from a color point of view.

The iPhone SE Gold is certainly compact, but it has the same architecture as its big brother iPhone 6S, and therefore, the same performance as the latter. We owe this to the excellent A9 dual core chip.

To immortalize your most beautiful moments, Apple also think of while incorporating once again a high-end component of its big brother iPhone 6S: the back-up photo sensor.

With a 12 megapixel resolution, its photo sensor can compete with most traditional compact cameras. It will also offer you to film with a 4K resolution, the new high resolution standard.

Its capacity of 64 GB will also allow you to store many documents, applications, photos and memories.

Let yourself be seduced by its sober and clean design, as well as its excellent value for money with the UpYourPhone offer.

Data sheet

Data sheet
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