Why choose UpYourPhone?

Born of a passion for the mobile of today, while having an ecological and economic conscience. UpYourPhone is the result of a year of intensive work by two partners concerned with current issues.

The smartphones we offer on our shop have not been refurbished.

And that's what differentiates us the most from our competitors. They are in a very good general condition, with normal signs of wear, which do not alter the use and the experience of the consumer.

Reconditioned phones, for their part, are for the most part telephones having received several external and internal damages, before being reconditioned, refurbished by generic parts (they are non-original parts).

We made this choice from the outset, which is to focus on second-hand devices that have not been reconditioned because we know full well that the quality of a smartphone that has remained in its original state, and that has not been repaired with generic parts, will remain much more reliable in time for its users (The rate of failure of a refurbished iPhone quickly reaches 15% after only a few months ...).

Several grades have been put in place to differentiate their state-level aspects.

Thus, you know in what state you buy your device and you will not have any unpleasant surprises. In general, our iPhone is in excellent condition. Customer satisfaction being one of our priorities, we strive to offer you a complete range of quality iPhone that will have previously received no less than 27 tests by our technicians.

These controls and this obsession to satisfy you to the maximum also push us to offer you a one-year warranty on the purchase of your new mobile. Thus, in case of problems, you can count on a responsive and competent after-sales service. In case of problem, you will have a first response of our support within 24 hours.

Because choosing UpYourPhone is also a gesture for the planet.

Aware of our environment and the future of our planet, it is also this reason that pushed our team to create this ecological offer, all offering quality mobile.

Dare to take the plunge by reusing a second-hand iPhone. Because by doing this simple act, you save the planet from at least one additional electronic waste to recycle.

Few people know this, but electronic waste has become a real scourge on our planet.